Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ASLP 2012 Seminar in Palawan

Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines (ASLP)
Manila, Philippines

5 January 2012

Dear Colleagues:

The Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines (ASLP), Inc. will conduct a seminar/workshop on "Effective Library Management and Workplace Productivity through Stress Management, Wellness and Good Nutrition" from April 18-20, 2012 at Skylight Hotel, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Stress in the workplace frequently hits us with two-way pressures that come from a combination of both internal and external stressors. Stress results in decreased job satisfaction, reduced production, and increased conflicts, which all lead to â€" you guessed it â€" more stress! When you ignore stress signals, you are more liable to become ill or fatigued and to experience injury. As librarians, there are several steps you can take to preserve your health by reducing workplace stress.

This seminar/workshop aims to:
* increase our awareness of personal stressors and idiosyncratic stress reactions;
* live a more relax life style and prevent stress-related illness;
* have a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition, health and wellness; and
* control the stressors in our life through the development of a personal stress-management plan to effectively manage our workplace.

Highly regarded resource persons in the field are invited to share their expertise and knowledge on the three (3) major areas of concern to effectively manage our library and increase productivity in the workplace â€" stress management, wellness and good nutrition.

Librarians, library administrators, archivists, record officers, support staff, teachers and students of Library & Information Science, consultants and other information professionals are invited to attend the said seminar/workshop.

Detailed information can be found here:

Payments may be made in cash or check payable to the Association of Special Libraries of the Philippines. Cash or Checks may be deposited to our Land Bank Savings No. 1771-0359-70 (BSP Branch, Mabini St., Manila).

For reservation and further inquiries, please contact any of the officers.

Thank you and we are looking forward to your participation.

Yours truly,

Joseph M. Yap
Vice President/ Conference Chair

Noted By:

Alicia S. Paraiso


Joseph said...

Thank you PLAI!

odette said...

may lumabas na po ba na DepEd Memo? tnx

odette said...

My DepEd memo na po ba?

mae said...

pwede po ba akong sumali? am not a member of your organization but i have been recently designated as record officer of our local hospital, so i am interested in knowing anything about record keeping.. is there other trainings and seminar you could suggest i attend?? would appreciate your reply and help on this... thank you much